Metro Energy Partners, LLC

Geothermal Projects


 Currently Metro Energy Partners, alone and in joint venture with it's partners, is developing several geothermal power projects.  These projects are located in several western United States and range from 5 to 200 MW of clean and renewable power with a total production output ranging from 350  to 950 MW.  These estimated figures do not include the output of our current project with Deep Rose Development.

Geothermal: U.S. geothermal energy provides clean power with costs of production limited to plant maintenance and administration. Unlike other power plants that require the purchase of oil, gas, or coal for production of energy and emit CO2 gases, a geothermal plant uses steam created from beneath the earth’s surface to generate power for its turbines, and produces no toxic byproducts. These power plants can also satisfy the nation’s need for an environmentally friendly and domestic source of lithium and other chemicals which are key components of batteries for electric vehicle and energy storage technologies.

California’s green energy electricity demands are mandated to be 33% of all production by the year 2020. Geothermal is the only base electric power (available 24 hours a day) that meets this demand. Geothermal energy capacity is projected to grow by 89% in the next 5 years.