Metro Energy Partners, LLC

Current Project


Deep Rose Geothermal Project

On February 7, 2012, Metro Energy Partners, LLC entered into an agreement with Deep Rose Development, LLC for the sole purpose of developing a geothermal power plant ranging from 50-200 MW of power on 640 acres (1 square mile) located in the Ridgecrest area of California. Our agreement will also benefit from the development of solar power and possible mineral rights on the same property.

The Deep Rose Geothermal project is located directly above the heat source supplying the existing 270MW Coso Plant.

The Coso plant began operations in 1987 and is located 8 miles from the Deep Rose Resource.

•The Coso wells produce between 5-20 MW per well, with a total of ~130 wells in operation.

Due to Deep Rose's location directly over the heat source, it is expected that Deep Rose will generate between 49-150 MW of power.